Welcome to Falls Road Aikido

3/5/18 – Children’s classes will be resuming in April!  Keep your eyes open for forthcoming information in the next few weeks.  Contact us if you have any questions!

Since 2010, Falls Road Aikido has been providing instruction in Aikido and the martial arts in Maryland’s Mt. Washington, Baltimore, and Towson areas.

What is Aikido?

Aikido, a Japanese martial art, emphasizes evasion and redirection of an attacker’s aggressive force into throws, pins, and immobilizations as a primary strategy rather than punches and kicks.  We pride ourselves in being able to provide high quality instruction at our dojo in a way that benefits your life both on and off the mat.

Aikido’s Strategic Foundations

Aikido constantly incorporates these three tenets:

  1. Moving into a position off of the line of attack;
  2. Seizing control of the attacker’s balance by means of leverage and timing;
  3. Applying a throw, pin, or other sort of immobilization (such as a wrist/arm lock).

Strikes (atemi) are not absent altogether from the strategic arsenal of the Aikidoka, but their use is primarily (though not exclusively) intended as a means of distraction. A strike is delivered in order to provoke a reaction from the aggressor, creating a window of opportunity, facilitating the application of a throw, pin, or other immobilization.

Who Can Practice Aikido?

At Falls Road Aikido, anyone can practice!  Aikido is perfect for people of all ages, from children to adults.  Aikido is a perfect art for people of all shapes and sizes.  The age-range in our dojo reaches from pre-teens to practitioners in their 60s and 70s.  No matter your lifestyle, profession, or physical capability, if you’re interested, then Aikido can be for you!