Adult Class

There are a number of offerings for adults who pay a monthly subscription for access to the dojo.  If you’re interested in being a part of our dojo, e-mail us at with any questions!

Adult Classes

When: Weekly (various unlimited classes)
Cost: $95 monthly fee; $15 drop-in fee for non-students.  Sign up here!

Falls Road Aikido offers regular classes at various times during the week for students of all levels. A monthly dojo subscription of $125 dollars allows students to go to as many classes in a month as they desire; non-dojo members can pay $15 per class as a drop-in fee.

In these classes, students will practice the fundamentals of Aikido and incorporate their learnings toward basic and advanced techniques in defense and self-protection.  Adult classes incorporate the use of wooden practice weapons on select days.

Studens are expected to purchase a unfirm (gi) by the end of their first training level; otherwise, new, visiting, or drop-in members may wear comfortable gym-clothes.

Weapons Classes

When: Monthly (1st Saturday)
Cost: Included in $95 monthly fee
*** For dojo members only! ***

Weapons classes last for three hours and include practice on the basics of jostaff, bokken (sword)and tanto (knife).  The intent of weapons classes is not to master the offensive qualities of these weapons, but to see the benefit of their practice in execution of empty-hand techniques.  Weapons classes are ideal for students interested in continuing their work on Kinokawa Aikido principles.

Occasionally, weapons classes involve learning how to roll and move with weapons.  Classes often take place in the main room of the gym attached to Falls Road Aikido, so students may wear sneakers and comfortable shoes.

Kinokawa Seminars

When: Seasonal (One every quarter)
Cost: $55 dollars per day (includes lunch)
*** For dojo members only! ***

Every three months, Falls Road Aikido joins other Kinokawa dojos in the regional area for a 6-to-8-hour session.  These group sessions are run by various sempais and senseis from other dojos and allow students concentrated practice time for new and unique skills.

Attendees should expect high-intensity training and will be audience to upper-level belt tests.  Sensei Wirth oversees these intensive classes and offers students his insight and expertise.