Children’s Class

When: Mondays & Wednesdays, 45-minute duration (5:00 to 5:45)
Cost: $97/month (2 classes per week) OR $50/month (1 class per week); $15 drop-in fee.  Sign up here!
Ages 6 – 12

As of March 2017, Falls Road Aikido is offering children-only classes that introduce young aikidoka to the basic tenets and skills required in the practice of Aikido.  These classes will be run by higher-level adult students and offer fun, practice, and discipline for young martial artists.  In lieu of a subscription, students may come to single sessions for a drop-in fee of $15.

Students will learn and grow in their understanding of Aikido and martial arts, and will simultaneously understand their responsibility as budding martial artists.

For liability and emergency purposes, parents must be present during classes if a student attends.