Our Dojo

Located on Falls Road, just ten miles north of Baltimore City, Falls Road Aikido offers a dojo where aikidoka can practice their art in the presence of capable instructors and fellow students.

Sempai Cara-Michele Nether and a student practice at Falls Road Aikido.


  1. A large 20-foot-by-25-foot mat suspended on springs for optimal practice;
  2. Access to wooden weaponry (jo staffs, bokken, and tanto) when necessitated by class;
  3. Private dressing and changing rooms;
  4. Various pads for striking and rolling practice;
  5. Nearby access to the Strength & Vitality Wellness Center run by Sempai Cara-Michele Nether.

Motto & Philosophy

“How we train in the dojo is exactly the same way we will show up in life.”

We come from a long line of aikidoka who practice hard with the intention of rising above our egos to find peace within ourselves. We understand that this would not be possible without our mutual willingness to allow each other the use of our bodies for practice.  While pushing ourselves to our own limits, we take great care not to harm our partners during class.

Even though we use colored belts to indicate our rank, promotion is not our goal.  Instead, we are dedicated to honest, real-life training that prepares us for the possibility of life’s physical and emotional threats. We help each other grow into confident, grounded, unshakable, loving human beings who could — if necessary — keep ourselves and others from getting hurt if the need would arise.

To say that O’Sensei (Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido) was an accomplished martial artist would be an understatement.  During the evolution of Aikido he encouraged his students to train hard and push themselves to be effective with greater demonstrations of grace and ease. Keeping with this philosophy, our students learn not to shy away from sweat, fatigue, or their current presumed limitations.  Instead, they are encouraged to learn the true meaning of physical and mental discipline for themselves.

We believe it is our job to support your journey toward inner peace and strength.  Everyone is encouraged to come watch a class or join us on the mat.

More information about the history of Aikido can be found here.