First-Time Visitors

Whether you’re just curious or deeply interested, we always welcome visitors to our dojo!  You are always more than welcome to come by and observe a class to see what our community is like.  If you’re interested in joining us on the mat, remember that your first class is free.  Follow these steps before to make your first visit as smooth as possible:

Step 1: Fill out a Release Liability Form

Step 2: Check out the Calendar

Find a date to visit us!  Take a glance at the Calendar and pick a date that works for you.  It’s best to come 15 minutes before class starts for proper introductions.

Step 3: Prepare Accordingly

If you’re going to join us on the mat, it’s always important to make sure you’re prepared with the following:

  • Comfortable work-out clothes;
  • A water bottle (stay properly hydrated!);
  • A willingness to listen, learn, and practice;
  • Any questions!  E-mail us at or call us if you have any.

Step 4: Show Up

Come on by!  Let us know before you come if you can!

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!